Friday, September 27

Mini gathering with the beijing girls a few days ago! Claire was unfortunately, not there because she had school activities to attend. We decided on W39 after a reallyyy long time haha! There are so many choices available in SG, but its just so hard to decide on a place sometimes.

Yuenyee and I reached the cafe first, and after like 10 minutes of discussion. In the end, we kinda chose this because yuenyee saw a guy sitting behind me eating this, and went like "eh looks good eh!" 

So we decided on this LOL LOL.

We got the Wagyu Burger w/fries, and a iced mocha. It costs to about $29, which i guess is ok for a cafe with a good atmosphere and all. But then again, im pretty budget now so that was my last "expensive" meal. Till then~~ <3

Some pictures with the girls after we are done with our dinner. We reached at around 6-7pm, and HAHAHA we sat all the way till 9pm+. Longest dinner i ever had. But it was really good to reminiscence about all the stuffs that happened in Beijing, the drunk times, the party times and the happy times.

Heck, we didnt even have to pay a single cent whenever we go clubbing then. SG is so expensive LAH!

Thanks for the wonderful dinner girls :) & OOTD of the day.

Top from Bangkok ($4)
Shorts from Younghungryfree ($10)

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