Wednesday, October 30

Angela's 21st birthday

Havent been blogging for a while, so sorry guys! Hope everyone had a lovely Halloween weekend last week, because i sure did! It's my first time dressing up for Halloween, and also attending a 21st birthday party of a friend :D

The location was Trellis Tower over at Toa Payoh. Met Rei and Alan, and along the way Kaoru when we reach TPY MRT. Took bus and ended up at the wrong condo FML. & i wore the pair of heels which gave me killer muscle ache as well as blisters. Gonna throw that pair away soon.

The super nice cake of Angela's!<3 It looks so pretty doesnt it?

With the birthday girl!<3 & Shera who photobombed behind us LOLOLOLOL.

I didnt really take super nice pictures because i was super hungry, my heels was killing me, the lighting was bad, and i didn't bring my camera. Talk about being consistent with blogging, pft.

I tried to do some minor edits to the pictures and enhance the lighting and such, but its still pretty pix-elated so yupp :( There were many pictures that day, so i just randomly choose some to be posted! :)

& a nice picture taken by William (and i dont even know when it is LOL!)

& my look of the day! Decided to go simple with a mini hat and tied up my hair with two mini ponytails. My entire look was inspired from vampire (accessories), and broken dolls. Kinda, yeah! <3

Super loving my ring and bracelet!! 
I bought it online for less than $10 for both pieces woo-hoo <3

Really short post which i spammed with pictures to make it look like a long one. Gonna be pretty busy this week because AFA is coming up and i have yet to complete my staff. Duh. 

Would also be going to the Topshop Fashion Show this coming Saturday with Deborah!! Thanks for the invite sweetie, can't wait!

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