Sunday, September 1

Yingting's birthday celebration

Happy birthday to my dearest darling Yingting! Even though your actual birthday is Sep 04, but i am gonna wish you like now, because its September already(:

Haha, i think we go quite a long way back man, and even though we kinda "know" each other during the secondary 2 camp, we probably got closer after being in the same class and hanging out as a clique. Plus, sitting partner for secondary 4 (because my teacher feels that Yingting can help me in my studies), and gossiping plus scanning the whole class from the back. Not forgetting those times when we pretend not to eavesdrop on Genesis and Jasmond who talks super loudly (only the former actually haha!).

Oh gosh, i miss those times.

Anyway, we went to Medz for our dinzdinz and even though the place is nice and all, like nice atmosphere blah blah cheap beer blah, the food is like urgh. Marche is so much better guys, even though it may seem boring because everyone goes there. But seriously, Medz is good for drinking session, but not for their food.

Birthday girl and me :) 

In any case, we went to camp at this place with lots of flowers and started taking lots of pictures like crazy women. 8'D I swear people are staring at us, and there are this group of women who were looking at us like LOOKING from inside the restaurant and we are just like "ok this is damn embarrassing guys."

Ok, im just gonna spam the pictures all here. Soooo, here goes nothing.

We are trying to look seductive, but i think we ended up looking drunk. HAHA

Forever the sampat group. 
HAHA, glad to have you girls in my life <3

We have this "cafe" thing that we wanted to all own one day. Like a friends cafe. LOL, i wonder if it will come true but really, let's set this as a goal!

Happy birthday again sweetie <3

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