Thursday, September 5

STGCC 2013

Had the time to update my blog a little since i took off from work today. Gah, it has been some time since i last fell sick - karma for laughing at SJ for always falling sick perhaps? Lol.

In any case, last weekend was a blast. I attended my first ever STGCC though i have been cosplaying for 4years already - turtle in the well ah. HAHA, but yeah. I was going as Hime from Zone-00 with Amy, who is my Mayoko from the same series as well.

I have been an avid fan of the series since i last picked it up like, a year or so ago? The drawing is fantastic, and even though the plot can get pretty complicated at times, it's still a good read. The fact that there is little to none English translation for this series on the internet/books makes me really sad. It needs more love!

Reference picture for the characters that we cosplayed as last Sunday. 

I'm really glad to have went for STGCC this year. There were not a lot of my friends cosing (the ones whom i usually hang out with a lot back when i first stated cosplaying), so i was scared that it would be a "boring" and "lonely" event for me, even though i had Amy as my CP this time round.

Turns out everything was wonderful. I met many friends (old and new ones), and because the event hall isn't that congested, there were a lot of space and time to chat with each of them and catch up. Cosplaying from my favorite series contributed to the excitement too of course :)

Dinner with Rei & Yui was amazing. We chatted so much and talked so much crap. From 'O' level, to gossiping, to magi plans and well, basically just everything. I can't wait to cosplay with you guys again after your 'O' level peeps!<3 Jiayou for the big 'O' - it will be over in a blink of an eye.



 & lastly, thank you to Sijun who came down to visit me even though it would be super boring for you because you don't know anyone and your "talk-able" anime series aren't being cosplayed anywhere. Thanks for always being there for me and supporting my hobby! <3

With that, i look forward to my AFA plans in Novemeber, of which day 1 would be from zone-00 again, and day 2 would be from saint seiya. <3

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