Monday, August 26

Virgin USS Trip

Blogging about my virgin USS Trip! I was really excited prior to this trip because it was a second attempt since we actually did wanted to go on our 10th monthsary in August. Turns out to be super crowded because it was a Saturday, and my USS voucher could not be used because it was only valid from Sun - Thurs. Plus, the ticketing counter actually advised SJ & me not to go because he himself felt that it was pretty much not worth the time. It was a really disappointing day for us because we took off on that day just to visit USS...

BUTTTT,, we finally went last Thursday! I was so excited and i asked the girls which are the rides i should go to, and which are the places worth visiting etc etc. & i decided on what to wear the day before, plus mentally thinking of all the poses i can make when i am there. HAHA. & because they are having a promotion right now - $54 each for two tickets purchased, we only paid $8 in total because my voucher was a $100. SO HAPPY. Its like OMFG, SO CHEAP! LOL LOL. /cheapskate/

A complimentary picture with the USS globe to start the entry!

I was pretty excited upon stepping inside that i wanted to Sijun to take this picture for me. Its pretty magical inside - like you literally walked into another world and such. There were a lot of Chinese & Indians (which i don't understand why), but yeah! We pretty much walked all the zones of the park and took lotsa pictures.

First selca of the day with items from the park. There were lots of hats hanged on this clothes stand, & i was going omggggg, i wanna try it on. Now that i think about it, i wonder if its clean. What if there are fleas inside. LOL, ok lah nvm its ok.

I have no idea what is with my face over here. I wanted to do something different than a smile but in the end it looks like im having a constipation. Talking about this, i wonder what do pirates do when they have constipation? Must be pretty sad, seeing how they are in the middle of the sea & they feel fat from all the shit inside their body :( 

There are so many pictures that i took. I wanna stuff everything inside here, but then it would probably be too much to take in. But,, i still embedded quite some into this entry so,, hahaha!

The first ride that we took was the Transformer Ride. Basically, it was only approx 30 minutes of waiting time, so we thought that it seems pretty ok. We have to queue up, and walk through this really really long passageway and there are all the stuffs from Transformers inside there. Honest? I didn't watch the show, so none of these stuffs actually meant much to me :/

The girls were telling me that this is one of the rides that i diedie must take when i'm at USS. At first i thought that it was just walking and walking and walking and i was like wtf is this shit. & i can't get out, neither can i go on because it's so slow and long =.=

God bless, there IS actually a ride at the end of everything. It's something like a 4D roller-coaster so its pretty cool - the animation, effects and sound is really neat. We were really impressed after the whole ride, so you do MUST give it a go during your trip to USS!!

The battlestar rides were both closed :( . I was kinda disappointed, but SJ was pretty glad. He is not a fan of thrill rides. HAHAHAHA, he was soooooo cute when we took The Mummy Returns roller-coaster ride. I was basically going woo-hoo & laughing from the ride, but he was going omgomgomgomg. HAHAHA! So funny and cute at the same time. But i am really cowardly if you talk about haunted-anything,, so i think it boils down to individuals bah!

The next zone was the Egypt place, and i love the decorations over there so much! Its amazinggggggg. I always wanted to visit Egypt for the pyramids and mummy because its just so mystical and like, unreal. Its almost i would be sucked into another dimension on another time plate. Plus note: THE MUMMY RETURN ride is super super good. But you are not able to bring any belongings like bags or whatsoever hand-carried in, so you gotta leave it in lockers. BUT ITS WORTH IT.

The Jurassic Park was ok, and the only ride that we took was the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure. Its a river raft ride, so prepare to be soaked. I was soaked, even with the raincoat on. They sells it at $3 each outside the ride, but i think its probably cheaper outside. We took this last cause we were prepared to get wet. HAHAHA.

Next we went to the land of FAR FAR AWAY. I really like this zone a lot, because there are castles and potions and its just whimsical and magical at the same time! I took a picture of the merchandise shop. Its so cute! & they have this mini ferris wheel for little kids to ride on. Awww.

We took the Shrek 4D Adventure ride, and the Enchanted Airway (roller-caoster, but not as fast motion). It's cute, the 4D one. You get to sit down in a really big theatre and enjoy the show. Avoid the middle seats though - they are meant for people with motion sickness. SJ suay suay sat on one, and his seat was not moving throughout the show. You would be riding on the dragon so your seat movesss, quite a lot.

Then, we went to to Hollywood & New York. It's more of shows, small shops, restaurants & cafes, as well as mascots walking around in these two zones. Some of the recommended ones would be "Lights, Camera & Action!" in the New York zone. The attraction over at the Hollywood zone has show times, and since we had work after this, we skipped it. We saw Marilyn Monroe, Sherlock etc over there though! Marilyn was so pretty and chio <3 But the queue to take pictures with her is too long, so nay.

Last stop - Madagascar! Its so cute, and the atmosphere became so lively. I love the show and watched both 1 and 2 of the series. HAHAHA, SO CUTE PLEASE!<3

Oh btw, it was like a failed heart HAHAH.

We took the Madagascar : A crate adventure. Its a raft ride again, but you wont get wet. Not really like a lot, maybe just a little. SJ and i were dancing to the "I like to move it move it" song throughout the ride because there are all the characters inside it. Its really cool, take it when you go to USS!

All in all, i was really happy that day because i finally went to an amusement park with my boyfriend! I always wanted to go to something like this with my boyfriend after reading all those manga and how it would be so romantic and sweet when they take the ferris wheel together as the final ride. Alas there aren't any inside USS. It reminds me of the manga Kyo Koi Wo Hajimemasu. Its a really cute manga, and happy ending so my kinda of thing <3 In the manga Kamisama Kiss, there was also a scene whereby they took the Ferris Wheel together. <3 AWWW /melting. 

In any case, i really like USS a lot! Intending to go back again soon with another couple & treat it like a double dating kinda thing. Heh, till then!

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