Sunday, September 8

Down with Flu Bug

Caught the flu bug after i drank ice milo on tuesday whilst surfing the net. Like wtfff, i was so strong all this while and i stand strong even when SJ was sick, and my whole was sick. Even with diseases buzzing around me, i was alright and fit as a fiddle. Now i can barely breathe with my nose, and im suffering from a bad case of constipation URGH. FML.

This week was gonna be a good one because there were so many things lined up for me already. Starting from Friday was clubbing session, and Saturday was supposedly gonna be a drinking day for Shannon and Rui Quan who are going for their BMT training next week. & Sunday was like a meet-up session for the Beijing-ers girls to chit chat and gossip over a nice cup of tea with nice kira kira in a cafe.


I hope i get well soon man =.= & i have no idea why my blog doesn't have the NEXT and BACK button. Like how the heck are my readers supposed to go NEXT & BACK to read my other entries? << YOU GUYS READ RIGHT. LOL. But yeahhh, i realized there is a "Recent updates" with my old entries at the side bar. But argh, gonna change this skin soon. But i like the pink background hahaha, i edit myself one. 8D /very proud.

& im so hooked on the game LINE Coffee these day - its so cute! 

Check it out guys - its actually pretty addictive. HAHAHA. 

& in conjuction with my PINKY feeling these days, i wore a whole set of pink to hopefully, ward off the flu bug. Ta-daa. Fingers crossed i get well soon - i'm starting to look like a walker with my pale face everywhere i go. Tsk.

Hahaha, my Kurata oversized shirt which i have not shoot yet. LAWL.

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