Friday, September 27

Just wanna share something to all my readers out there :)

I have been wanting to change the layout of my blog since quite some time ago, but i didn't have the time to do so. Plus i was also pretty lazy. Hahaha. Since i was pretty free today, i decided to sit down and just clear all these once and for all. 

I'm still very picky about the spacing between each sentences on the entries, but being a total klutz with coding, i guess this is pretty much a good enough layout for me! I had always wanted to put instagram pictures on my blog, so i was really happy when i found this website.

I couldn't find a suitable banner picture for this layout, and i didnt want it to be empty. So ta-daa, my instagram pictures. The best thing about it? Its free! There are loads of other programs around but they do charge a fee, and i am pretty cheapskate when it comes to such things. LOL.

So just sharing for people out there who do have a blog and wanna embed instagram pictures on their site. 


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