Tuesday, September 24

Happy 20th - Part 1

Went out with friends from the cosplay scene to have a dinner together over at Hifumi! We wanted Tomoya at first, but since we had it for our previous dinner date, Emily introduced this restaurant over at Plaza Singapura (the new extension) as the venue for our next dinner date. Pretty affordable price, and best of all, there were free-flow of up to 10 appetizers. 

The chawanmushi is the one at the right! The tofu at the left was ok-ok only. Don't really like it even though i am a big fan of tofu. Tastes pretty bland. 

This was the supposedly "special" appetizer that i took for myself LOL. The sign says that its soy milk with jelly or what, a soba sauce for the cha soba. I saw people taking it, so i thought it would be good. In the end, everyone took a sip and says that it tastes like soy milk with chilli. LOL WTF. 

My main dish of the day :) Chicken with egg, coupled with rice and miso soup. Gives it a 7/10 because the chicken was not soft and tender enough to my liking. Maybe its because i like drumstick the best, and literally is ok-ok at the rest of the chicken parts. 

Went to a place to lepak and chit-chat with everyone. Thanks for the present guys! Its amazing, and its my first time receiving such a big birthday card <3 Thank you for taking the time to doing something so amazing for me even though i didn't know some of you for a long time.

You know, sometimes its not about the length of the friendship. Its about the value of the friendship. I have friends i known longer than you guys, and i didn't receive anything from them before. Haha, says a lot huh. 

But anyway, some of the pictures that i took! Yui and Rei left early first, so i took pictures with them. So,, in the end i didnt take pictures with the rest lol!

Thank you Yui for the lovely card you made, and even mailed to my house! Its really super beautiful. You can really be like some designer or what next time. Totally have the flair for it please.

HAHA, the biggg birthday "shit" card everyone else made for me. Thanks for meeting up early just to make this for me TvT. Junko is very touched! HAHAHA. Will treasure this "shit" present from everyone <3

Thank you Zero for the fragrance present! I'm gonna hang it and smell like flowers everyday

& last but not least, to Shera for actually bringing Polaroid and using up all the Polaroids just for me. Im gonna go and cry now. >w<///

Love all of you guys. Thanks for making my cosplay journey one of the best path i have taken in my life. 

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