Thursday, September 12

Food Review!

Work at *scape has came to an end, and here i am now, relishing the last few moments of my holiday before i officially start school in January. Everything isn't confirmed yet, but i'm crossing my fingers it would all turn out for the better. Plus, i don't think i am ready to take on the real world yet :x

Went on a date with SJ the other day to celebrate our 11th monthsary. It had been some time since we last went out and you know, just hang around as a couple. It was always meet up for work and home and work again. At most a few hours of LAN-ing and that's it. I can't believe we acted so "un-couple" for the last 35days D: In any case, we were glad to have the chance to take this breather.

Lunch: Goemon Spaghetti

Mon - Fri: 11:30 - 21:00
Sat - Sun: 11:30 - 21:30

This was my second visit to this restaurant after we chanced upon it at Star Vista after work one day. I liked the idea of a fusion between the western and asian food, in this case, like a ramen and spaghetti kinda of way. The food is really delicious as well!

We went for lunch and there was this set lunch going on whereby for about $16.50, you get a spaghetti, soup and salad. We don't like salads, so we ordered ala-carte. Plus each ala-carte comes with a miso soup, and iced water is free! I think its SUPER important for a decent restaurant to actually NOT CHARGE for iced water. Like seriously. 

The bill came up to about $36 with GST, and SJ upsized his bacon-cheese spgahetti for $2.50. I really recommend this place if you are a spaghetti lover! Mine was the squid ink one, and my teeth and lips become so black afterwards. =0= But at the expense of good food its okay!(Y)

Sijun being happy with his food LOL.

Dinner: The Standing Sushi Bar

Mon - Sun: 12:00 - 14:30
Mon - Sun: 18:00 - 23:00

I have been seeing too many pictures on my instagram TL to actually not know about The Standing Sushi Bar. Decided to pop by since i was thinking to shop at Bugis for cheap thrills. I was expecting it to be like affordable because it is "known to be affordable", but yeah, it's actually a little off my radar. LOL.

But thank god, Tuesday is their promotion for sushi, sashimi and nigiri sushi. 50%, including housepours as well if i didn't remembered wrongly!<3 I was having a really huge craving for salmon these days, especially when i see pictures on instagram of those fat and juicy salmon appearing somewhere somehow. Plus, when i was having my internship in Beijing, we had the benefit of having our dinner at the international buffet of our hotel. 


My love for salmon knows no boundary<3 So, i was disappointed (not a lot, just a little), when i realized that the salmon here was pretty normal. LOL, in fact i think their tuna is nicer. Lucky SJ, he loves tuna. The salmon feels pretty tasteless to me, in a way? Its good, but just not THAT good. Or maybe i'm having a flu and it disrupts my taste bud. Argh, in any case, the sushi platter was the best. They have this two sushi (we are guessing its related to fish) which was super good. I think its yellowtail, and i cant remember the next one. 

But in any case, its still a place to check it out if you are looking for some japanese restaurants. Its pretty small, and it opens at 6pm for dinner so remember to head over early. We were there at around 6.10pm and the place was filling up. Sad to say, customers arriving after 6.30pm was practically seat-less because every table was reserved.

They took quite a while for preparation as well, like 10-15 minutes for the sushi platter? So go there on a 3/10 stomach and not on an empty stomach :)

The bill came up to about $40+ because there was a 50% off (we only ordered promotional items LOL). $20+ for a really filling meal - i would say its pretty worth it lah~

Went over to Sijun house because i was missing Tigger. Didn't managed to visit him because we were always busy with work, and i was sick as well. He seems so happy to see meeeeee 8D HAHAHA, dogs are so cute. Tigger is so cute, but not cute when he scratches me when he damn hyper. =0=

LOL, Sorry i look super unprepared here. HAHAHAHAHA

Obligatory photo of the day :)

I'm back to teaching tuition again! Tutoring my cousin now because her dad wants her to be in a good class for her P4 next year. The life of a student /o/ I shall try my best to help her lah! & im visiting this little cutie pie tomorrow again<3 Her name is Coco, and she is a chow chow. But she is damn smelly lol. And damn lepak. Super different from Tigger. 

But super cute lah!<3 HAHAHA, im so into dogs these days!

Hokay, till then guys :3

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