Friday, August 23

Ghost Festival Dinner

Last Wednesday, i went for this ghost festival dinner held by my grandfather's friends. It was kinda like an annual thing for us, and since my grandmother wanted all of us to gather together as a family (it's kinda rare), so i decided to take off on that day to go for the dinner.

I had to give out flyers that morning/afternoon though, and Sijun was kind and amazing enough to head down to CCK to help me with the flyers. Giving out free bonus cards for TNP Challenge~!~!~! Giving out flyers must have been one of the few jobs that i kept smiling that my mouth literally ached. Plus, having people dissing you and "dao-ing" you isn't that great of a feeling. But it's a $12/hour job, and it was only for 2hours, so we just did it :/

We went to my grandmother's house for lunch (free, so yay!) and laze around whilst he waits to start work at *Scape with Gary. Thanks Gary for replacing me at such late notice! :) So, we were bored. So we take pictures when we are bored right. I have been seeing lots of those pictures whereby the boy would give a sweet kiss to the girl, and the girl would give a sweet kiss to the boy. SOOOO, i was pretty jealous because they look so loving and sweet together! So i told Sijun, "Eh, let's try leh. But must angle properly cause my face side view not nice hor."

So in the end, we took like ASDFGHJKL shots because i was feeling pretty dissatisfied with my side view. NO CHOICE, SO FAT. WHAT TO DO?!?!?!?!?! /cries/ ;w;

So this was the best shot that we can come up with.



Okkk, so the first one is his attempt and the second one is my attempt. Whilst taking the picture i am going like "ahya angle wrong lah!", "take again take again", "eeyer why my face so fat today ah. walau need go do plastic surgery liao". 8'D

I know it looks pretty unnatural and not very loving LOL. HAHAHAHHA, not like those tumblr worthy ones whereby it seems like they place a secret camera somewhere or like they are acting in a movie, and there would be people watching them from a room and going "snap! snap!" whenever they do something nice and the pictures are all like damn nice. WELL,,, So i think we might as well just stick to this in the future lah. Face front, straight, action go.

Been using Camera360 these days and have been falling in love with the effects! Download it and give it a try - you would be hooked. Its actually, in my opinion, better than Meitu Xiuxiu. But yeah, you can photoshop and edit your face (like make it slimmer) with the latter. 

As for design and decorate, i use diptic for collage, and snape for decorations. They have so many stickers and its so cute! Plus, it's japanese-based app so you can follow all the japanese people and go ASDFGHJKL on their pictures. /drools.

& the dinner starts at 8.30pm. We reached the place at around 8pm, and people started to pour in between the interval. As usual, free-flow of F&N Orange is just the best <3

Basically there are also alters meant for the gods and goddesses, and for people to pray for safety and etc. It's meant for the spirits which are free to roam this ghost festival, but then again, there are gods and goddesses for people to pay respect to. 

This is the entire scale of the event. There would be food served as well as auction going on the entire night. Basically, there would be an item which symbolizes good health, happiness, fortune or wealth placed on the stage for people to bid on. For instance, my uncle bid for a bag of rice which is said to bring propersity to the family for $300+ that night. Another uncle of mine bid for other items which came to a total of $2000+ that night. (Explains the reason why we have 4 tables FOC that night LOL!) 

You may be thinking "waa siao, so expensive. I also wanna go and do this lah" But really, its just a culture for the believers, and part of the Chinese race. Plus, if spending that money means happiness (because you feel that now you are blessed, and you feel happy), and you feel like "hey, this year is gonna be good year for my family and myself", why not? After all, its the attitude that's gonna make or break the day. Just my opinions lah.

& this, is my grandmother. My grandfather passed away a few years ago from cancer, and i really missed him a lot. He was still well and all the first time i came for this dinner, so this year seems to be lacking in something.. But then again, i wonder if this is selfish or bad of me to think so, but if he continue to live on this earth just to satisfy our own feeling of "wanting him to be there", and "not bearing for him to leave us yet", he would have to suffer from the pain and the side effects of the medicine and all just for us to be with him for another day. So sometimes i feel that its better for him to just RIP, instead of living on and suffer. 

I wanted to take pictures of all the dishes, but got carried away with talking and chatting online with my friends. So this was the appetizer. HAHA, Sijun says that it doesn't look very appealing, but the rest of the food is nice! But yeah, i didn't religiously took pictures of them. Heh.

Anyway, i went to USS today! I WAS SO EXCITED AND HAPPY WHEN I GOT THE TICKETS THAT I LITERALLY RAN INTO THE PARK. I wanted to go since a long time ago, but the tickets were too expensive, and i was too cheapskate to spend the money on it.

Luckily, i managed to win a RWS $100 voucher from the uzzlang competition held by ACNES some time ago, and since there was a promotion of $54 each for a ticket with min. purchase of two, Sijun and I only spent a total of $8 for entry <3 HAPPY HAPPY.

A picture first before i blog about the entire trip some time later! The rides were so good, I LOVE THE TRANSFORMERS AND THE MUUMY RETURNS. DAMN DAMN GOOD. A picture first from today <3

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