Wednesday, August 21


Since i am basically working everyday, including Saturday & Sunday, Sijun and I felt that we don't really have that much of a time as a couple anymore. True that we meet every single day for work, but technically its still work, and not doing things that couple does makes us feel that we are not spending much time with each other as before.

So we came up with a solution -  we decided that on every weekends, we would meet up earlier to head out over at town to "gai-gai" and "jalan-jalan". I mean, at least we can hold hands and walk around, look at movies, buy ice cream and eat instead of sitting at the booth and play plants v.s zombies and deciding what to eat even before we starts work. 8'D

Kinda went to Far East Plaza to eat the chicken rice on the topmost floor - i highly recommend it to anyone who likes chicken rice! Its super nice, and i brought the poly guys over the other time. We ate like 3/4 chicken for a table of three. LOL. Siao right, but its really nice. If you happen to be around that area, you can pop over to the top floor and have a go. Its not that pricey too, so its good. Rating: 4/5 ! Thank you Deborah for the recommendation!<3

In any case, we went over to Takashimaya and had a mooncakes sample session. LOL, we acted cool and interested, going "do you have a brochure?" and asks a few questions here and there. Not bad, got this mooncake which is fried yam with yolk, i think quite delicious. They say what 25years already, don't know true anot. But just go for a "sample session" if you wanna lah!

Walked around and Samsung were having this S4 promotion. Basically they wanna to promote how cool their camera is. Its like a dual camera, so you can take pictures with both the front and back camera at the same time. Quite cool - i didn't know that and my dad has a S4! LOL LOL.


This is how it looks like. They connect it to the big screen so our picture would be shown on the big screen for like a minute 8D It was pretty cool! I mean, its my first time being up on a screen so big so yeap. Heh. Anyway, there seems to be a voting competition going on, so if you can kindly vote for me, it would be really awesome <3. Just click on this LINK to vote! Thanks <3 

Walked around and went to had honeymoon dessert over at 313@Somerset. Beijing has this shop too, but its so much cheaper and bigger portion =.= . SG really everything also damn expensive. But i still like their mango pancake a lot, so yeah. Ok lor, no choice. 8'D

Downloaded a new app recently called Camera360. I know many people are using it already, but i sua gu so i only downloaded it recently. Heh, quite good. Like the functions and all. Took selcas and played around with the effects in the app.

Would you love me still if i'm old and ugly? Stupid Sijun say i look like a fish. He look like shrek lor! <.< But its a well-spent afternoon. Even though it was just a few hours, but i'm glad we managed to spend some time together!<3

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