Monday, October 24

My 23rd birthday

They say 23 years old is the worst year of someone's life - it's the year of new journeys, but yet uncertainty. The start of new beginnings, but also the end of old ties.

This year, i didn't have much expectations for a birthday celebration because let's face it - we grow up to know that birthdays aren't necessarily something you need to have parties on every year. But this year, it's awesome too. My old friends are there to celebrate and buy me presents which i know i would love to death, my family & SJ is there with me and most importantly - i have a very special group of friends who took the effort to celebrate with me this year.

My colleagues! Haha, look at these nonsense they did for me + the 'rented' pandan cake that they bought for me. 

All the biscuits ah, milo ah, courtesy of pantry LOL

& because i told them i'm very poor, so they printed some Love bonito vouchers & free $$ for me

Very lovely bunch of people yeap yeap, and did u see the Balenciaga bag that i am carrying? Yeah, branded goods okay. #maisiaosiao

A for Effort - apparently they took 2 weeks to plan this entire thing hahahahaha

<3 all of you! & also my lovely Tiffany team who bought me real LB voucher (which i have went on to buy clothes from the website LOL)

Went on to have birthday dinz with my parents at this restaurant which my parents wanted to try (over at Jurong East, but er, not very worth LOL). 

& i bought my own birthday cake (SJ paid la) because my parents very lazy already LOL. 23 birthdays so every year more and more slack #jialat

Took off on the Friday for my birthday leave to go gai-gai with TSJ. Wearing a new dress which i bought from carousell (but like a bit tight on the waist tmd) so it's been quite uncomfortable to eat in this dress because i need to sit damn straight hahahaha #fml

He brought me to Jamie's Italian to eat! :D 

Super happy because i've been meaning to try this restaurant for a long time (celebrity and all mah)

Not bad, & their set meal for lunch is pretty worth it too. Around less than $30 per person and we have appetizer, main dish (basic spaghetti lah) and dessert! 

Birthday present from boyfie hehe. My most expensive pair of shoes, and also the pair of shoes which got the most compliments from colleagues and friends LOL.

Even when i go cut hair, people also ask about this pair (apparently cannot find in SG?). I'm not a fan of sneakers tbh (i much prefer low heels), but okay la, not bad.

Very comfortable and i love the colour!! :D

Credit to Audrey for going to office's back-alley and take this picture (whilst being judged by office people lol kns, love u muacks)

Okie, so that conclude my 23rd birthday which is really simple, but very very happy <3 I also had lunch with the girls but also very happy <3

Blessed 23rd birthday!! :D

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