Tuesday, September 13

Taobao review #1

Bought this from another carousell user ($8.50) and wore it to work today. 💓 comfortable, but quite a bit translucent under sunlight (like can see skin and bra lol) 

I think better for night out, but my strap seems to be shorter than this picture?
Not bad not bad, 好评!
Yah take inside toilet lol
Bought this too for RMB36 over here: 

【包邮 荷叶边时尚性感套装 夏季女装套装 韩版休闲吊带短裤两件套】¥AAJonpUQ¥http://e22a.com/h.0eq6Cp?cv=AAJonpUQ&sm=2df75c

I think the shorts cmi, but the top not bad! I added a button though cuz if not the cleavage too deep. Tends to "roll up" too so u need to keep pulling the entire top down.
Deng Deng Deng
Not bad, 有 feel

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