Tuesday, December 15

Happy birthday Miss Lai

Its 10pm right now and my computer is being slower than usual. I am not really sure what's up but yeah, my computer seems to be a bit of a rebel recently.

Its better over on the workload side but i'm starting to be more involved in another account and it's back to the whole "learn from scratch" cycle again. It can get a little intimidating since i would need to write briefs and talk to the creative people for this account, but hey, its a new learning process.

Nevertheless, weekends are very precious now, but i spent the last celebrating bestie's 22nd birthday. Welcome to the club!

I decided on Prive cafe because my previous experience with them was a pleasant one. But this time round, the food sucks?! I ordered the fish and chips and it sucks.

This $8 latte was not very nice too. 
So yes, no more of the overrated Prive cafe for me.

Le sucky fish and chips which tasted dry and un-crispy.

Onwards to the birthday girl! Le happy girl talking to le bf via Facetime ahahha

Went on to K-box ($36 for 3-hours ohmytian) to sing k over at CCK. 

Happy birthday Joey and glad to have met you in Swiss!
Hope everything will run smoothly for you, as well as with Marc <3

Happy 22nd birthday once more! :)

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