Sunday, November 15

Kluang 2D1N

Headed over to Kluang over the weekend for a short trip to SJ's father's hometown! It was really to recee the place since SJ's sister is going to get married next year Jan and they are planning to have a small dinner over there since their grandmum's health doesnt really permit her to travel far and into SG. 

Told my mum and dad that this is the actual wedding dinner because if not, i probably wont get the chance to go at all. Yeah, strict asian parents logic. Going to malaysia IS a holiday counted, even when its a day trip and takes lesser time than to actually travel to East coast park.

Ok, so i didnt really take lots of snippets since i mostly snapchatted so u can head over to @itsmejunko before the videos expire after 24hours.

Apparently an extremely famous and popular beef noodle store over at Kluang (SJ swears by it), but i thought it was normal-normal only. Maybe because i am not a huge fan of beef, henceforth the verdict. Nevertheless, its very popular even amongst the local so do head over there if you are looking for some beef foodies //

We stayed over at RS boutique (the best over Kluang, or so i heard). Not bad, just that their wifi is really bad over at our end and there are red ants on the beds ... Kluang is pretty town-ish to be honest, and not exactly somewhere you will go for holiday so yeah, don't expect to see tall buildings or 5-stars hotels over there lah.

It's just a short trip and i dont have much information for people intending to visit Klaung other than that they have really nice fried char siew buns?! LOL.

With that, till another post real soon /

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