Monday, August 31

How it feels to be a mind reader

Or perhaps, a "feeling-reader"

That post title was really just to make you click on the blog post. Manipulative? You got it.
Today's topic might be a little emotional but i would feel better to you know, talk it out. Plus, it's a double win to update my blog at the same time.

Recently (or maybe coming this year), i started to realize that i can read people easily. It's easy to know what an individual is thinking and feeling just by reading their facial expression. In that split second, i instantly know what he/she is thinking of. 

It might be sensitivity on my side, but the tone, facial expressions and the darting of the eyes. 

For some reason, i just.. know.
It's like a narrator reading out their thoughts and feelings to me, albeit it might not be true or imagination purely on my end, but i can feel it. 

The energy (positive, negative, heavy, suspicion, doubt, hypocritical) .. i just feel it. It's a very new sensation on my end but i started to be able to sense all these upon entering the workforce. I went to google and chanced upon the word "empath", but not entirely sure if i am one or not. I mean, i can be emotional and all, but i am not weak or wimpy in my opinion. 

It doesn't feel all good to be that sensitive because you are constantly thinking for another person. You know that A is sad and you go your way out to try and cheer her up even when she's only an acquaintance. Basically, it's annoying to try and change someone's feelings because it affects you, even when you have to go through lengths/troublesome shit to make it happen.

You start to worry if people are okay with you, and you go your way out to make things convenient for other people. You take in other people's negative emotions and you start to wonder 

who exactly you are.

I don't know.
I'm trying to find that out. 

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