Wednesday, May 20

Life's bad at times

I wanted to get off social media today because i'm feeling lousy but decided to blog instead since i didn't want this space to be cluttered with too much advertorials or things that made me happy. You see, i'm not always happy, hanging out with people i love and going to places which makes me happy. Sure, those thing happen every now and then but to be honest, most of the time i just stay at home and wonder what's life gonna take me to next.

I have millions of things i wanna do - holiday, set up my own business, bring the family business to a greater height, achieve much more, find a job, revamp my workspace and make it 'pinterest-worth', bring mister.paperware to the next level etc etc.

There are just so many things that i wanna do, 
but i'm not doing it.

There are many reasons why is that so, and it mainly boils down to being restricted. I don't get enough support and motivation from people in the same business, and more often than never, i seem to be the only one who is doing all the work.

Be it for mister.paperware, or more. 

& it gets really tiring after a while because people gives you tons of reasons when it comes to procrastination and in turn, they change your mindset and you think

"So what's the point of me doing all these?"

"Is my sole effort gonna be worth it?"

After a while, i'm just sick of working with people who care less or simply rely on you to make everything right. These people are the worst - they make use of you.

When i was in RMIT university, i met people who just don't care about projects because they know that you want to get good marks, and you would do anything to make it happen

So they just sit. They do what you say, but they may, or may not do a good job. In fact, they will just do what's allocated, and anything that's undone - its your own business.

I think i still need to learn how to counter such selfish actions from people who call me 

Their friend

Friends? Funny, i don't remember pushing all the work to 'friends'. 

Ironic because aren't friends supposed to help each other out?

Stupid because you guys never treated me as a friend, even though i did

I really don't mind doing all the work but i need some form of appreciation. Some form of
"Do you need help with XXX?"
"How's XXX doing?"

No, everyone just assume that its what i need to do, should do and will do.

You should be ashamed of yourself, my friend

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