Monday, March 30

March is coming to an end

This week had been activities non stop. Last project is due this coming thursday and i'm really looking forward to the end of it. Went to catch the movie "White God" and it is ah-mazing. I would really wish to talk more about it but i have already talked about it on my dayre so if you want to look at some midnight rant and emotional shit, you can head over there lol.

Sunday with my happy pill aka Coco. Really love how she's warming up to me and listens to some of my commands subconsciously. & how she perpetually looks blur and nua all the time LOL

This naughty girl went to play in the rain and got herself all wet and started sneezing. Bad girl!

Weekly boardgames with le group and this time round we also had a mini potluck! I baked Cheesecake but i think a bit fail lol cuz i put too much milk ... SJ's amazing pasta (as usual)

Everyone's contributions!

March had been full of ups and down, considering the fact that the last week of March was an extremely sad week for the entire SG. Nevertheless, i hope that Apr would be kind and exams would be smooth-sailing :)

Till then love,

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