Monday, March 30

// Flatlays //

If you follow me on other social media such as Instagram, you would had realized that this year had been a year which i kinda started doing flatlays. I'm still an apprentice and a major beginner at it, but i'm intrigued and totally in love with how pretty the images can turn out when they are place in the right combination, under the right lighting and with the correct background. 

I had been playing around with flatlay ideas with the sponsored items and had been thinking of a 'mini revamp' of my room to better suit the background and lighting issue of my photographs.

Needless to say, all images are taken with the very handy iPhone 6 which camera produces the clearest and prettiest photographs i had ever seen on any phones (as of now still).

Really upset with Samsung over my Samsung EX2F - the wifi application on my phone is no longer supporting this device/model! It's very frustrating because i only bought the camera 6 months from another girl and this had to happen. In any case, a collage of the photos i have 'attempted' to taken with no particular order to fill up my otherwise rarely updated blog

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