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Bangkok - Cafes Edition feat. After you, Mr Jones, Roast Coffee and Vanilla Brassiere

As promised, a blog entry on where to eat over - cafes edition over at Bangkok :) I figured that many people tend to do travelogues on their blog and goes with accordance to the places they headed to in a timeline format.

During the trip, it can be quite a hassle to read through every single thing (though it was interesting to read other people's experiences in Bangkok), esp when i have to wake up early the next morning.

So i decided to do entries based on genre, as mentioned in my previous entry and only do a full write up for places which i feel are really worth going to and introducing to tourists.

So here goes!

Looking all excited to explore Bangkok on the first day of our trip! We booked Amari Watergate Hotel by the way and it's my second time staying with them. I really love their services because all their staff are trained in English and they are always helpful and smiley! :)


1. After You Cafe (Siam Paragon)

It was extremely crowded for a Monday night and we waited for around 15 minutes for our turn. We also took a while to locate the store because apparently they don't have unit number for their stores :/

Lucky 17!

Over at After you cafe, it runs by a self-service system so you have to buy and pay for your food items before you are served. 

We ordered their cafe latte and ice milk tea (i'm an extremely milktea-person) which were

Ordered their Shibuya Honey Toast as well and you know, its really worth the rave. I'm someone who hates to go by mainstream items and trends (though i would succumb to some at times), but THIS is worth the constant raves and appearances on many bloggers' blogs and instagram!

Rating: 4/5 
Siam Paragon, Ground Floor
Nearest BTS: Siam Station
Food recommendations: Shibuya Honey Toast & Ice Milk Tea

2. Roast Coffee and Eatery

This was another place which we are pretty hyped over because of the recommendations online and offline from friends. We took the BTS to the area and later on took a cab to the cafe.

SJ had their Vodka pasta (i cant rmb the full name - but it was a signature dish).
He thought it was ok-ok, so maybe a 3/5 for taste?

I ordered the Salmon Eggs Benedict (390 baht) and Ice cafe latte (120 baht)
I love the Eggs benedict - so good!


Generally, the place sparks of what a cafe need and should have - it's atmosphere.
You can really feel the clock ticking slower and the pace of life threading instead of the constant rush that we take on. It's a good place for a simple brunch or simply to lie back and relax with a book.

Rating: 4/5 
251 Thong Lo 13 Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Nearest BTS: Thong Lo Station
Food recommendations: Salmon Eggs Benedict

3. Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe

I was definitely drawn to its array of designs and its selection of cakes. Mr Jones Orphanage Cafe revolves around a Teddy Bear theme and each branch is decorated with these furry cuties to liven up the entire atmosphere!

I would recommend that peeps who are heading to Roast Coffee to simply pop over next door to visit this dessert cafe after their meal. I went to the outlet over at Terminal 21 because i was there shopping but i think that the decorations over at Thong Lo is much nicer and exquisite!

Ordered their Kit Kat cake because it looks so cute?! , but it was a little too choco-ty to my liking. Or perhaps it was because i went with a heavy stomach so i wasn't able to enjoy the meal as much as i would like. 

SJ ordered their English Breakfast which tasted amazing. 

Rating: 3/5 
Terminal 21, Topmost floor
Nearest BTS: Asok Station
Food recommendations: Their selection of tea

4. Vanilla Brassiere

A pure coincidence that we would pop into this cafe because we were hungry and wanted to have a quick bite around Siam Paragon.

We went in because of the architecture and design of the cafe - its akin to walking into another world. But the food wasn't that great to be honest :(

We ordered Vanilla Milk Tea (which tasted weird), English Breakfast Tea (ok-ok) and Salmon crepe (of which i think Marche's is nicer)

Had to play around with the camera because it was my last day in Bangkok then and i wanted to take as many pictures as possible.

Perhaps more of the boy haha. He's so cute sometimes with his goofy and omake looks.

& thats me, the sexy beast.

Rating: 2.5/5 
Siam Paragon, Ground Level
Nearest BTS: Siam Station
Food recommendations: Perhaps some stuffs other than what we ordered? Lol

& that would be all for the cafes edition! Neverland Siberian is technically also a cafe but i've already wrote an entire blog post for that so i don't think i want to harp on that anymore.

In the meantime, i do hope that this cafe guide (albeit a tad too little cafes in them) helps people who are visiting BKK to have a vague idea on where and what to eat!

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