Monday, December 22

AFA 2014 - Pictures!

I would probably be on the flight to Bangkok when this post is published, but hey! I didn't want this space to be too cluttered with sponsored products so here i am with some pictures which i managed to take with a photographer friend, Geno, amidst the crazy crowd.

I don't think i managed to capture her moe nature and i look too smiley for her.
& my size ... i look like i'm a 29 years old Izuna instead of a 9 years old Izuna LOL

But nevertheless, i had lots of fun with everyone! :) NGNL is one of my favorite series because i'm intrigued by the wit displayed in the entire show by Sora and Shiro.

Would most probably be cosing as Jbril instead for the photoshoot with my team members so yay to that! (& hopefully able to not cosfaile her LOL)

No Game No Life
Izuna Hatsuse

& my team's picture taken by Wei Kiat

I'm still looking through the pictures but i guessed thats all i would post for now .. 'cause i'm super lazy to post more LOL.

I took up a part time job (giving out flyers) and did that from Mon-Fri the whole of last week. It was terrible because the place was at Chevron's House and the people there aren't really that into flyers i guess. So most of the time i spend my time praying that people would kindly take up the offer of accepting the flyers i pushed right into their face and trying to distinguish between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air with a blank look.

Moreover, the company i'm working for is pretty meh so it made things a bit tad badder. 

Been really into Tokyo Ghoul recently, super nice manga sia?!
School's starting soon and it's going to be my last semester =0=

But before all that,

I can't wait for Christmas! :)

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