Monday, November 10

UN Models Experience #MUN

Well, where do i start.

It was definitely a journey and experience which i would remember as one of the highlights i had in SIM. I remembered that when i first registered for the UN Model, it was a "i wanna go overseas" kinda feeling and miraculously, for someone who had to google who's the president of Malaysia, i got through not one, but two rounds of selection. 

So the selection camp was held over the weekends and outta the 18 people who went for it, 8 were selected. I was one of the 10 people who weren't selected. No doubt disappointed, sad and angry for sure. I don't really feel like typing out here on such a public platform on why i feel those emotions, but i did and i am not going to lie about that. When you really think about it, everything makes sense and just piece together. But then again, it's already over and hence, irrelevant and stupid to linger. 

It had nevertheless been a really, really enjoyable journey and experience with everyone involved. I look forward to every Wednesday's training because of the people. I like how i actually get to sit and eat with my friends in the canteen (i don't think i had ever done that with my project mates, like everyone and in a group that sorta thing after school. Everyone just wanna go home)

We laughed and joked, talked and went through lots of stuffs together, be it the group's dynamics or whatsoever. I want to pen all these down when it's still fresh in my memory and this entry serves as some type of closure for me. You know how you need a closure on stuffs so that you can move on with life so that it fades out and you move on? 

Maybe it would serve as gossip fodders for some people out there, but i don't care. My life isn't always sunshine and rainbow and if you think it is, you are stupid. 

So i just want to type this down and even though it is really disappointing to not be selected despite everything, it's still worth writing about so that when i look back and read this blog, i remember it. It's something worth remembering, and the things i take away from it? Not just knowledge, but the truth about the real world. Of how the top management works. Oh, you have no idea. 

I read "Tuesdays with Morrie" and it mentioned that it is important to feel emotions. It is important to feel happiness, sadness, anger and disappointment. 
You recognize and know what the emotion is, and then you let it go.

This kinda stayed with me until now. So i'm not going to feel any emotions related to this entire experience after i hit the "Publish" button. I have went through this, recognize what happened and it's time to let go. 

Thanks for everything, "MUN experience". 
I learned a lot, and I met lots of wonderful people. 

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