Thursday, October 23

Supulae Korean BBQ

Along Orchard Road and on the way for dinner! 
Can you guess what it is?

I just realized that each time Sijun asks me what i wanna eat, i would secretly hope that he would suggest Korean BBQ because i really love them! The juicy meat, the sauce and just .. everything.


Went to Tanjong Pagar on the sunday night and its so eerily quiet! But i really love this restaurant which we decided to try that night! They have three sets for couples, and its around $40 - $50 range?

- Pork + Beef
- Pork + Chicken
- Beef + Chicken

We chose the pork and beef because the marinated chicken ($18) was the cheapest amongst the ala carte so if you wanna go for all three kind of meat, choose this option! HAHA

I didn't expect the set to come with rice and side dishes (my lack of experience with Korean food!) but it was definitely a nice surprise.

They had a beer promotion (All-day) as well and its 1-for-1 free at $7, if i can remember correctly. Its one of their Korean beer and it tastes good! Like good enough for me haha!


I'm really in love with this restaurant and i think i just found my favorite restaurant over at Tanjong Pagar!<3 The service was ok (the Kinoshite Japanese Restaurant still rank best) but i love how affordable their food are as compared to the other restaurants along the street. 

There's also lots of promotion going on, like their pork belly going for $9 till the end of this month, and if you are their facebook friend, you enjoy 5% discount!

The bill came up to around $60 for both of us but we were SUPER FULL AND BLOATED. I would recommend couple to just order the set and order more IF you are still hungry. The chicken was actually not that good (still a lover of teriyaki chicken instead) so i don't recommend that. Love the pork and beef though!

In case anyone is interested,

Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/supulae.jjang 
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Supulae?rf=278717138899883

80 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore 088501
+65 6225 2248

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