Tuesday, October 14


I had always been in love with the theme of Mori since i stumbled upon it on Japanese magazines! I think i was telling Shera the other time and we both got really excited about this concept because we both are such huge fans of this fashion!

Mori girls are like the personification of unicorns to me - white, pure and mystical. They radiate a vibe of purity and there's something which would never be linked with the real me so in order to invoke such a feeling from other people, i do it through photoshoots!

I hope i did justice to this theme!

It's so hard for me to have a stoic face because i just look friggin dumb with it?! I definitely have to smile to actually look decent in pictures (and that's really sad because i have in mind some shoot concepts which touch on the 'dark side').

Thank you Shera and Yui for sooting with me! We wanted to shoot at Botanical Garden at first but it rained! :( So sad. Gonna re-arrage another day to shoot again!

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