Wednesday, September 10

Lois and Justin's wedding #stingraywedding

#Stingraywedding on 29 Aug 2014

Extremely happy for my cousin who got married on 29 Aug to a wonderful man. I have to admit that we are not exactly that close and we don't talk as much, and head out as often as i would with Stephanie because she moved to Las Vegas some years back for studies and work purposes. 


Isn't it amazing to see a lovely couple tie the knot? I've always felt apprehensive about marriages, i mean just look at the alarmingly rate of statistics for separation cases in SG, but they kinda changed my mind. They gave people the feeling that they are kinda made for one another, and you can feel that love Justin would have in his eyes when he looks at Lois. Maybe it's a intuition or anything, but it really warms my heart to see such scenes unfolding. I'm definitely a die-hard romantic even though i can't handle affections in public very much. 

I really hope that they would continue to find joy and happiness in the cradle of each other. It's not always easy to find a man who's willing to travel 20 hours across states for a wedding dinner, and it's not easy to find a woman who just wanna have a simple wedding because she didn't want the husband to feel left out, and the fact that she is always there for him because you know how it feels to be away from home and to somewhere really new. 

Really happy for them!

I wonder when it's my turn? I don't fantasy about wedding but i can't help but hold that tiny hope that my wedding would be just the way i imagine it to be - white, fluffy and gatsby-alike.

But anyways! Not dropping any hints or whatsnot here because now is definitely not the time for wedding bells (just look at my age!) but it is always good to daydream every now and then.

Dreaming is a form of planning after all :)

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