Monday, September 8

Costa Coffee

It's been a while since i last had Costa Coffee and i still love their cafe latte the most. Its so much better than all the other cafes combined, and hands down the best even thou i'm an avid Starbucks fan.

2 more days to our 23rd monthsary and everyday i'm still looking at this boy and doing silly things with him. He still calls me baby and insist on calling me when i tell him to sleep. He still falls asleep in the middle of our text messages and sms me the next day telling me that he's super sorry and actually, am sincere about it (my intuition says so)

We still roll around on my bed and wrestle and tickle each other, laugh at stupid jokes and watch Pewdiepew and NOC Cinematics videos together. I still love chicken rice, and he still loves food. I still take a long time to choose my outfit, and he still insists that being well dressed = having good hair.

He still surprises me at my house with Ice Milo, and i surprise him at his house when i feel like it. We still walk hand in hand on the streets and i still make jokes about his butt being poked by his army colleagues soon. 

I love this boy so much haha, 
it surprises me how much i have taken a liking to this creature. 

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