Tuesday, June 3

Sentosa trip and a note to you

Release of results the other day and i'm glad the ordeal is over! Handling the fact of knowing the result of all those mugging/studying/nightmare of all those friggin charts chasing after you even when y'all sleeping and even just seeing your friends having completed their exam and you still have two more papers to go. 
Its so unsettling but its finally over. 
So glad.

SO! SJ and I went to Sentosa (after a really long procrastination) and i was praying to god that it wouldn't rain cause i have a really bad affinity with Sentosa. It always friggin rain when i go there.

We went to Mambo Bar because its just too hot to sit under the sun and swim leisurely in the sea. They have songs as well so just soaking in the water and listening to the songs played is pretty good too actually!

My new bikini from taobao hahah. I didn't dare to wear the bottom part because i think i'm still too fat for it 8'D Slowly and slowly i will conquer you, bikini-san!

Swam to the opposite side and SJ used my phone to take pictures of me lol lol. He too bored already hahaha. 

Been some time since i last had his home-cooked spaghetti so i asked if its ok for him to cook me some last saturday! Haha, according to him, he went to the wet market at 10am and personally picked up these prawns for me (i have a feeling it was his mum though hahaha) and cooked for me. But its goodddddd. I love his aglio olio super much. Lots of olive oil and prawns - just the way i like it!

Had to take a camwhore of the new bikini top since i bought it and its new!! 
This is its debut ok :Db & i thought the shorts suited it HAHAHA, #OOTD pls.

Bathed and walked around the island for a while and enjoying the sunset along the sea. Its a beautiful world we are living in now and its good to breathe and bask in the sun (not too much, just rays) and enjoy the scenery. But i am still not a fan of the sun and i don't understand people who are obsessed with tans - i mean yeah i get what they are trying to achieve and have the healthy glow. But yes, I'm not some princess who can't take the sun alright, i just don't like it. 

Did these temporary spray-on glitter tattoos over at my aunt's house the other days while playing with my cousin. I really liked what the sun and moon element represents - there's just something very mystical and intriguing about their existence. I have thoughts of getting a tattoo of the Gibbous to represent my birth when i was having an unhealthy obsession with this creature. But its a long term commitment and i'm just not sure if it holds a strong enough meaning to be imprinted on my body forever. 

On a more personal note, there are two things here.

Firstly, i am really glad for the support that SJ had gave me when i was having my examination period. I know that it sucks when we have to sacrifice your 5 days break for studies and sitting over at Starbucks for 4 hours straight doing nothing and watching me struggle with memorizing charts and facts into my tiny brain. But thank you. I was really scared when i opened my result slip that day, and its not the best but i'm glad that its not something that bad that would throw me off my chair and make me feel that all the efforts were for nothing. I'm just really glad that the first semester is over.

The second issue may be on a more personal level. I think yesterday was really a offensive move on your part. If you are friends with me on my personal account, you would know that SJ's ex girlfriend went into his account to restrict both my personal and cosplay accounts. It's not blocking, it's merely restricting what i can see on his timeline and profile, which equates to only being able to see his name, and profile picture only.  

I don't know what you are trying to achieve with this because we all know who did this. I don't know what made you do this and why you want to do this. But i love this man and i want to be with him. I have grown to love him over the course of this entire relationship even though i was never serious about the entire thing at the very beginning because i was never looking for love, i was merely looking for company. 

Regardless, it was low of you to do that. Maybe you did it because of your grudge towards me and you want to "revenge" and "seek justice" with your action. 

But do stop at this, because its making me really tired. 

If you want answers, ask me. 

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