Sunday, March 2


Market research test on 3rd. Service Quality online quiz on 7th. 4 ongoing projects. Project meetings on 4th and 7th. Saint Seiya shoot on 24th. Zone-00 shoot to arrange.

I think school is getting busier and its good and bad in both ways. I get to spend real time doing real things, but it also meant lesser time for many other things out there. Been a long time since i last went out with my family, and we went to Plaza Singapura for dinner today. Tried Bangkok Jam and i think its really good! Didn't take much pictures because we were too hungry and it's just weird to take pictures when you have a starving dad and a little sister.

I like the Red Tom Yum soup!! Its very nice and tastes good. The Pad Thai is pretty good as well, and the Pineapple fried rice. The green curry chicken is urgh, so disappointing. 

The milk tea is not bad too.

Walked around and went home after a while because sis was getting quite tired. Went to sit and whatsapp with the uni friends and realized that there was natural wind to take selfie. Heh heh.

Oh, and you know today i met this really irritating auntie on the bus. Alex called me and we were discussing about the SQ project, so perhaps i was speaking a little too loud and she kept glaring at me?! Hello wtf, this is a bus and if you wanna sleep please take taxi or something ok.

I mean ok, maybe im really loud, but she glared at my sister and she shhhh my sister.


So i damn pek chek and when she glared at me i just glared back at her. /pissed.
Super angry.

#throwback to last friday with Cleo! One of my first few friends in SIM and my SQ groupmate <3

Emotional roller-coaster ride these days. 
Damn sian. Better don't let me meet any stupid retards these days.

If not i swear i will turn all Pam on them.

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