Wednesday, March 5

Pets Expo and Fooddddd

Went to the Pets Expo the other day with SJ and its so fluffy over there!! All the pets are like damn cute and i super super super love the dogs over there. There were many dogs that people brought over, but i didn't had the courage to take pictures or even pet them because some people don't like people to touch their dogs (which is so sad!)

But there were lots of different breed and awww, so cute. I should had bring Coco and SJ should had bring Tigger!! Im sure they would have lots of fun there hahahaha.

I only snap this bunny because its so friggin huge and i just had to.

On the way there,, my uncle drove us there because we went to eat dim sum before that. We wanted to go to the pets expo together at first, but ohwells. The kids were hurrying them home and there was absolutely no space at the carpark area.

Ok get ready for a spam of my face HAHHAHA

My hair was unwashed for more than 24 hours but it was still good (to my big big surprise) and my eyebrow was looking decent as well!! So have to take more chance to take selfie hahahaha!

With SJ :> We decided to explore Geylang because we rarely go to that area. Did a quick google and went to Geylang Lorong 9 to try the beef hor fun. and it is good!

But it was pretty uncomfortable to walk around that area because its the red light district after all. and a lot of PRCs around so quite like you know :/

Went home and camwhore (again) because of good hair and decent brows. HAHAHHA

Went over to Aaron's house today because we decided to go our project. We just started fooling around because his room is too good for project meetings!

Then started having camwhore sessions with Cleo LOL LOL LOL.

Really happy to have met them in uni :>

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