Friday, February 21

Valentines Day, Weekends and Lotsa stuffs

Probably a super late post to talk about Valentines day and all, but i realized that i have not been blogging much these days. Projects are starting so life's been a little more hectic than usual, not that i don't like it that way. It just seems that time is whittling pass me and its scary yet exciting at the same time.

I had a really good time last weekend and celebrated Valentines day with the Xinni and Yingting! :D We went to Shokudo over at Cineleisure and had their pasta. I like their Salmon Aglio Olio! Its super nice. I'm gonna go there and eat more of their stuffs from now on because SJ and i always shop around there and always wound up at Ootoya or some usual place that we would eat dinner at.

Can't help but feel hungry at the sight of this now. I love Aglio Olio so so so so much!!

It was a really fun time and Valentines day was an awesome one even though i didn't spend it with SJ due to his field camp. I just love how i can always hang out with the girls and they would make anything and everything so much better. 

Love you girls <3

Actual celebration with SJ on the Saturday. We went to Prive Cafe and it was my first time over there but i really like it! I heard lots of raves about it, but i never really was one to follow through with raves and trends .. until a much later time. LOL.

I didn't try Eggs Benedict because i am not a fan of bacons, but i got their Eggs Royale which came with salmon. Its amazing-ly nice. & can i add that this picture is unfiltered in any way? Yes you may proceed to praise my photography skills now HAHA.

SJ had the wagyu burger (which was really nice too), but too hungry so we just ate. Everything was very cafe-y and casual that day. Love it.

Me with the present that i gave him for Valentines Day :)

The Orea mudpie is really "mudpie" and the choco is super thick. 
Not bad but got a little urgh for me after a while cause im not a fan of choco too much.

Went to send off Cassia because she was gonna fly to Aussie to study. Gonna miss this girl so much! Everyone got really emotional after a while but we are gonna meet real soon kays! :)

Fainted yesterday and i documented the entire story on my dayre because its my first time fainting and all first times requires special documentation of any sort (don't care). 

I really don't wanna repeat it here again, so if you wanna know what happened, you can go read my dayre!
Till then :)


// gonna continue the 40 days of challenge when i feel like it lol. 

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