Tuesday, February 25

Updates lo

Hello! Some time since i last updated my blog, and i have some pictures piling up in my phone. I use my phone as a camera, so yeah, all these pictures end up in my phone and i absolutely hate to have meaningless pictures lying around. I can't stand meaningless items lying around my laptop, my phone (eg. completed modules, draft of XXX). And i need need NEED to categorize every single thing - all uncategorized stuffs ends up in the rubbish bin.

It's not that good actually because at the end of the day, if i need something back again, it's usually a "gone-for-good" case and chances are i can't find shit for lots of stuffs. So i have this blog here, to kinda compile all these past memories of mine. Its cool, when you think of it in a personification way - a blog is like your own personal scrapbook.

Just that mine is pretty boring. Meh.

Secondary school class gathering last Saturday over at Ms Ng's house. 

The 5th year this time round for a class gathering. It's amazing to see everyone grown up and all over 20 years old when it seems like just yesterday when everyone was chiong-ing for 'O' Level! Really love 4E1'09 because it's still the best class for me.

I just hope the gatherings would continue and everyone would not lose touch! :>

Went to eat Tamoya with SJ on Sunday because i had a serious craving for it. It is sooooo good. It is THAT GOOD. Seriously, only the Liang court outlet rocks. The one over at chinatown point sucks. 

Dinner was over at Concetto @ The Cathay. 

It was nearing SJ's book-in time, so we wanted to make a decision fast. Went to this open kitchen concept restaurant which seems pretty cool and just decided to give it a go.

Grilled Octopus at $10.90. Not bad, but the portion is too little.

In fact, all the dishes have very small portion! & the aglio olio like not very nice :( Quite disappointed with the food, though the ambience, design and service is there. Ohwells.

Bored the other day when i was waiting for the bus so i took selca because it had been long since i took selca for myself. 

Rushed home to have Oovoo with the girls later on. Internet connection too lag LOL. & Yingting refuse to show her naked face and we talked to Aaron instead. 

A test next Monday, project parts to complete and just stuffs to do and make my life amazing and wonderful as much as possible.

I think i bought RMB1700 on taobao prepaid card this week. #siaoliao

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