Monday, February 10

Sugary weekends with love

This weekend was a good one because i had chance to meet up with my cousin and we went out for girly shopping trips! Also managed to have a karaoke session with the girls - something like Cassia's farewell party before she leave for Australia this coming Saturday. I hope she would be good over there!

In any case, some picturessssss! Tied my hair up as a bun because it was a bad hair day. New-found solution for bad hair days from now on! :D

Swee choon with the cosplay group afterwards and had fun catching up with one another. Met up with Angeline as well because i wanted to buy hair dye from her. I bought purple - thinking that it would turn out really purplish and nice. Well, there's probably as little hints of purple as i like it to be. Quite sad over this. SIGHHHHHHH.

Went to collect this set which i won from Cosmopolitan September Issue. I honestly didn't even remember winning this because it was 6 months ago LOL. & the set is actually more for gift set because it looks super cute but there's nothing much. Only got the lip gloss can use. 

Went out with Sijun on Saturday and decided on Ootoya for dinner because their pork loin is to-die-for. I know, you would probably think like "Just another review on how good the food is, but i don't believe it is that good". Because that's how i usually think when people kept complimenting on how good XXX is and XXX is along with the instagram picture. 


Ordered the Hokke Set and Sijun ordered the Salmon set. He claimed that the salmon is the "best cooked salmon" he ever tasted, which i think is quite exaggerating because got so nice meh?! But i like raw salmon better so YEAH.

The pork loin is nice!!

Actually i just realized that we always go to Ootoya even though we told ourselves that we want to try other restaurants because their food is really not bad de lah. 

Went to Gelato and had some ice cream because we wanna sit down and camwhore. HAHA, ok more of me wanna sit down and camwhore.

Trying to take a selca to show my hair color, but i still damn sad because its not as purple in real life.
Not at all. Im gonna dye again this coming Thursday or something.

My ultimate gummy smile 8D

Met the girls to sing K afterwards! Crazy fun and played flappy birds with one another. The lowest had to drink the alcohol we mixed and Xinni is always losing haha until she pek chek and went back to singing LOL! But it was fun! & Teo Heng is damn cheap hahah.

Hope you like the small little gift that we did up for you bby!<3

Tried out paradise dynasty for the first time and,, i actually liked it. I was pretty skeptical about this restaurant at first because the name sounds so "normal" and so "chinese" and so "family". And Sijun and his ex girlfriend likes to patronize this restaurant so i was like "i don't want go leh, what you wanna do na na na"

Which made him really sad because he really liked that place for the food lol! So since next week is his field camp, i thought "kay la go try, anyway im ok with the idea of him and his ex girlfriend already (took a year LOL)" JUST FOOD WHAT. I ALSO GOT EAT MANY THINGS WITH MY EX. < Ok not really LOL.

In any case,,,

Too much wine :( The chicken too drunk.

THE JELLY FISH DAMN NICE!!!<3 It tastes a little like Egg fried rice to me, of which Sijun blantly laughed at my description because he didn't thought of that before BUT THERE ARE REALLY HINTS OF EGG FRIED RICE IN THAT PLATE OF JELLYFISHES. 

Like the crab roe xiao long bao the most!! The ginseng one is blergh cause the smell's too strong for me. 

Signature Pork Ramen which tastes really good. The soup base is good, and the pork is good. Ramen so-so, but its not bad.

SO PARADISE DYNASTY ACTUALLY NOT BAD HAHHA. So noob, took so long to actually try something which is really not bad HAHAHAHA.

Been quite some time since i last dedicate a monthsary post but happy 1.4years love. 

Technically it should be 1.3 years because there are 12 months. But its 1 year and 4 months but its a tad long to write and got lesser feel. Regardless, i'm actually excited for V day because i got a really nice present for Sijun and i wanna see him wear it and he is excited too because when i told him what the present was (i couldnt help it), he got so happy that he smiled for so long hahahhaha.

ANYWAYS, "The wolf amongst us" episode 2 is out on Pewdiepie's channel so go watch it! Its a very, very nice game :)

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