Thursday, January 30

The things we do after 10 days

Hi guys! I hope the #40dayschallenge isn't boring you guys out. Some of the answers i have to the questions may seems to be pretty lame and sian to some of you, but my life is uninteresting so LAWL.

In any case, i finally met SJ after 10 days of him being in camp! Anyways, he went to SCS and is now training as a sergeant cadet :) I heard that trainings are pretty ok as compared to Tekong's BMT, so i'm just glad that his life is slightly better as compared to then! But i think he is the section IC so he has got more things to do (like keeping guns and all) so hopefully he is able to cope :)

We met up on Wednesday and went around to shop for CNY clothes and have our favourite Tamoya! This is our second CNY together and i'm glad that we can spend it together again :)

This is the logic of the pictures taken that day.

"Ok my hair is like damn oily now. Lemme tie it up and see if its better. Maybe i can have a sharper jaw look right"

"Ok cannot cannot, i look damn fat. & my eyes damn small. So lemme try with messy hair look. Woah maybe put my hair here looks like those 'just-outta-bed' celebrity looks"

"Ok nvm, maybe can take a decent picture of me then i can post on instagram. Borrow SJ's leg. Eh what he doing ah, why he keep playing clash of clans and ignoring me?!"

Me: "Eh come, we take picture! You stop playing your game i tell you"

SJ: "Ok ok come we take picture"

Me: "Eh cannot, cannot. This filter not nice. We try this one. This one my face will look brighter and more smooth mah. Then machiam like photoshop already."

SJ: "Ok lemme cover my head so that i won't look as botak ok. Eh where's my cap ah?!"

Me: "Maybe i can try to act cute a bit ah. Then can cover up my face, like its actually not round one. Is i make it round one hor"

SJ: "Ok i am still gonna cover my head"

Me: "Eh cannot lah, very act cute leh. Ok i think we just smile lah"

SJ: "Maybe if i give a shocked look then they wont concentrate on my head lah hor"

Me: "Eh we try this angle. Very tumblr-ish right? Waa cannot cannot, my gummy smile wtf"

SJ: "Huh what thing, smile ah? Ok ok smile"

Me: "HMM, maybe if i smile? Then i open my mouth a bit then look sharper ah my face heh heh"

SJ: "I just smile lah heh heh"

Me: "Eh i act lah. Act yi ge, my mouth like very sexy right AHAHHAHAHA"

SJ: "Ok come i act cool ah. Put my head here"

Me: "K la k la decent one. Last one liao."

SJ: "Huh still want ah. Ahyo"

#itsjns life. Ok our life very sian one HAHA. After this we went back to playing Clash of clan which is a super super nice game! My nephew introduced it to me (Pri 1 only) and i introduced it to SJ and we are both hooked. 


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