Friday, January 31

40 days of challenge: 11:Talk about the best dream you've ever had.

  • 11:Talk about the best dream you've ever had.

Hmm, it would most likely be to make up with Joey when we were having the big fight? I mean, i don't really care about dreams a lot and i usually toss it aside as "dreams". It's probably just dreams ya know. But i guess dreaming that we were back to old times and friends again made me apologized too and it was kinda like the motivator? Nevertheless, it was a good dream.

Another one would most probably be dreaming of my ah gong after his death. I am very close to him, and i love him a lot. His passing was a very depressing period for me and i still think about him, even till this date. I dreamt that he came to visit me at my home in a car and he brought his friends. We talked about his life in the netherworld, and we laughed. He looked happy, and i was really, really happy for him. He died of cancer and it was terrible to see him suffering so much. Even though i still misses him a lot and wish that he is here with me for chinese new year, i'm just glad that he is not suffering anymore :)

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