Saturday, January 25

40 days of challenge - 5:Talk about the best birthday you've had.

5:Talk about the best birthday you've had.

I have no idea how judged i am now.

But 2013 was probably the best birthday i have had - just because its my first time celebrating my birthday overseas! It was insane because at lunch hour, when i was still sleeping like some pig, my manager and Deborah surprised me with a birthday cake and insisted in taking pictures.

If you are wondering about my fringe .. yes, i cut it too short and it ended up like crap. Lesson 101: Never cut your own friggin fringe again JANE.

Salinee (my manager) gave me Haagen Daz vouchers as a birthday present, and i had it with my dear roomie.

We tried this which was pretty good, but quite expensive cuz its nothing too special. Just that the guy will "cook" and prepare one set for you and your friend lol.

There's like pancakes and all those sorta thing so yeah. Pretty cool actually. & this guy like damn bu shuang with his job lol wtf. Keep blocking me when Deborah wanna take pictures of me lah!

Look at me - i can look innocent too. Ok jokes aside, the weather outside looks so snuggly right! HAHA, and it was around 10 - 15 degree then so its not too cold nor hot! Perfect for snuggling.

My first picture with SJ as friends. Lol, he came so late so all the ice cream melted and he ate the melted ice cream hahaha. I think we got together like 12 days after this picture was taken. Lol.

& for my 20th birthday, i drank half a bottle of tequlia in half an hour, got high and so drunk that i couldn't stand straight, got treated to a bucket of beer by the owner because it was my birthday, and it was just fucking awesome.

I feel guilty because my parents are not with me heh. But i still love them.

Oh, and my iphone 4S now is a birthday present that year! SEE, ITS THE BEST.

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