Sunday, January 26

Uh huh

It do gets hard sometimes when things doesn't go as plan. It do gets depressing sometimes when promised things churned up as empty ones. It do feels lonely at night sometimes when you are supposed to be here but you are not.

Sorry that i am being so emotional in the middle of the night. Is it some universal law that people starts to think more and gets more and more upset as it gets darker and darker? Its like the sky is a direct reflection and proportional to the mood.

Just watched the anniversary episode of Vampire Dairies and i cant believe how far the entire series have managed to come till this date! I got into the fandom during season 2, and look at it now. 

In any case, i have got to stay positive and be an understanding girlfriend. Lol, how cliche of me to have such problems at times when i think about it. Feels so uncool to rant about such trivial stuffs but at the same time, be so bothered about such things.

& the stupid sounds of wind and footsteps outside in the living room when i'm alone at home,  AND the fact that my hair is all oily doesn't make the situation better. When's my mum coming back?!

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