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Taiwan Travelogue 101 - Taichung

Hi guys! I know i had been away for a while and not been blogging, so to those few of you who do check my blog now and then, thank you and here's a new post to all of ya'll.

I went to Taiwan with my family on the 11th this month, and just returned on the 19th. It was a short trip, but we traveled to pretty much 4 places in Taiwan as a whole. I would be posting my itinerary at the end of this post, and also the driver we hired to drive us around for this trip. Trust me - his rates is the best and he is a really nice guy.


Oops, make-up less face. I wore rather thin that day, and its a huge mistake. No airport #OOTD because we were rushing for time and everyone was tired from their day activities. But its always exciting to travel and step into airport after a while :D

My mum and I taking a selca,, 

The three kids who were tagging along this trip

& sunglasses on the plane to cover my small eyes.

& bamz, we are in Taiwan!

I took out my spectacles to sleep on the plane. Our flight was with Scoot SG, from 00:55 - 05:45, but my eyes were really dry and tired then so it hurts. So i would recommend mignight fliers to just wear your goddamn spectacles and ignore airport fashion. 

Wore the coat SJ bought for me when we were in Beijing, but its still, so, COLD! It was really tough to just walk around and not shiver inside.

BREAKFASTTTT upon arriving at Taichung


Drove to the hotel afterwards, and we stayed at Le Parker Hotel this time round.

Lesson 1: Hotels typically have check-in time at 3pm, so you might need to pay extra if you are arriving early. And don't go stomping in and expect a room - i worked as a front desk officer before for my internship and it sucks to have people stomping in, demanding a room.

Rested over at the club lounge till around 10am, and checked into our room! I napped till around 12:30, did the fastest makeup i have done in my life for 15 minutes, and went out with my aunt's family around the place.

My first milk tea! I really love milk tea by the way, and one of the agenda this trip was to drink as much milk tea as possible LOL. One thing i learnt about is that their sugar level is much more lesser than SG's. So when i requested for 50%, i got a really tasteless drink. Urgh.

The famous 大肠包小肠! I don't think its nice though.. their sausage not very nice leh. & this is one of their famous stores and had people queuing up?! LOL

Kids heaven LOL

Their buses so cool please! & my favorite show wwwww

I hate my gummy smile. URGH, STOP COMING OUT GUMS. GO BACK.

Sorry my pose like quite awkward haha!

There is really nothing much in the afternoon because most of the shops were closed. One thing i learn about Taiwan is that many of their shops are opened late during the afternoon, but that also meant their shops closes late. They are famous for their Fengjia night market here, but 7pm was the busiest timing as said by the locals when i ask them.

Oh, and they have really, really cute dogs. EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, we headed back at around 4-ish and i went back to my room to find my parents and sister. Rested a while and then we decided to go out again to shop around! I mean, its night time and it gotta be more happening right.


My dad and I!

My sista and I~

& lastly, the three of us!

& this is, the renowned Feng Jia Night Market! 

Get ready for photo spams! 

There is a university just beside the night market, so expect to see lots of university students at night, especially on a weekday. Its amazing to see the place turn into such a bustling town at night! There are many, many other shops around the area too so be sure to check them out!  

& prices in Taichung are generally lower, so yes, buy your stuffs there people.

I like this prawn stick a lot! Its made of prawn meat and there have mayo on the top if it. 
Its super good!

They also have little boutiques lined at the side of my hotel. Their clothes ranges from NTD500 - 1000+ , so its pretty pricey in my opinion. I bought a bag though and haggled from NTS700+ to around NTD600. You can try your luck if you catch any good stuffs you like there!

Super cute dogs!! <3

So that about marks the end of my day over at Taichung! The next entry would be about my days over at 日月谭, where i stayed in two hotels - one at mid hill and another one on the top of the hill.

Don't worry if you are looking to scoop for important tips and recommendations for taiwan if you are planning to go - i would write a overall review entry for anyone interested! When i was looking for tips and all, i realized that many blogs cramped everything together and it was pretty messy and time-consuming because i had to look through every single posts and sentences and how they feel about XXX and XXX. 

So i decided that if i'm gonna be writing an entry to help people, i might as well dedicate an entry to that entirely. So yes, i hope that would help!

Till then, and Merry Christmas! xoxo

You can also check out my instagram with the hashtag #junkostravelogue for more pictures on my overseas trips. 

Thank you :)

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