Thursday, October 24

Saturday // Zone-00 Photoshoot

Finally, after about lazing around for 2 months, i had another cosplay photoshoot with Yumi last Saturday. Thank you Yumi for the invite during STGCC, and being my lovely Mayoko!<3 

In any case, it was really exciting to cosplay from the Zone-00 series because its one of my all-time favourite. I would strongly recommend anyone who have a basic foundation in Chinese to read it! Its really good. 

I would up the pictures soon on my dA once its ready, and also some selective ones on this blog too!(:

Thank you : 

- Yumi for being my Mayoko, & lending me the dress, boots and accessories
- Farid & Sijun for coming to help out in the shoot
- William for shooting
- Ms Tan for helping me to book the classroom because i'm not a student of NP anymore ROFL

And of course, the obligatory group photo! Thank you everyone again! xoxo

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