Sunday, October 25

My experience with Xenical

Before i start writing, i would like to say that i do not promote or encourage the consumption of Xenical. You should always consider the consequences or consult a doctor should you require further advice. I am simply sharing my experience with Xenical pills as an individual.

" Xenical (orlistat) blocks some of the fat that you eat, keeping it from being absorbed by your body. Xenical is used to aid in weight loss, or to help reduce the risk of regaining weight already lost. This medicine must be used together with a reduced-calorie diet. Xenical is for use only in adults "
(source: http://www.drugs.com/xenical.html)

There are other information on that website itself so scoot over if you want to find out more.

Yeah, so basically i hit an all-time low along the August mark when i felt humongous and overall, low self-confidence in myself. There were a lot of other issues going on then and as i have probably blogged about it lots of time, i have a very serious obsession and outlook on my body size and how i look. 

Onwards here, this is not a blog post trying to fish for sympathy or to promote popping pills for dieting, but only purely for the sake of sharing my experience ok. Got it? 

I had been eating the pills for about a month now, and good news - there's no major side effects on my end. Granted, i wanted to go for duromine but its a highly controlled drug over in SG so unless i have a doctor's prescription, i am unable to get my hands on them.


Dosage wise, i pop a pill before i eat 30 mins a huge meal, or either that, i pop a pill after my meal. I usually does that for buffet, korean buffet or oily food (like fried chicken lol)

I had minimized the dosage to only when i feel its necessary aka the above meal situation, and leave it out when i am having normal meals like home cooked food.

Side effects wise, i realized that (a bit paiseh to say) but when you fart, you fart the oil out as well. So it leaves a stain on your undergarments (clothes even), especially when you are sitting down. I did not meet with this issue during my first few pills. It became a gradual thing and only more obvious recently.

At the same time, you will have to hold a concert during your restroom time. In fact, it will come out in such a fashionable manner that you will poop in tune with the 'flushing' sound (oh yes). Your poop will also be extremely oily and messy, and at times, the oil might leave a mark on the inside of the toilet bowl.

Results wise, not extremely amazing, but it did help me to stay stagnant at my normal range. I did not experience major weight loss (on days when i eat very little due to busy workload, my weight goes down by 1kg). But on days whereby i eat pretty much, my weight fluctuate but not that much as opposed to when i do not consume the pill.

The reason why i decided to post this is because despite the whole "exercise to get fit" notion, i understand that some people just want to seek other options, whatever their reasons might be. Same thing, the information available over the net isnt much and most of them comes from forum which u either need to sign up to comment, or are dead threads which doesn't talk about the issue anymore.

I bought my pills over the borders (city plaza) for approx RM2.5 a pill. It's an accredited pharmacy so yes, i am not really eating used plastic with grated cheese. 

Recently, a relative of mine got diagnosed with failing kidney and it made me re-think about my options with eating pills. I am reducing the consumption of the pills to a minimal, but its a choice so i will appreciate if you respect my decision.

Update 25th Oct: I had decided to stop eating Xenical because i kept farting oil out and its horrible! The oil is yellowish so if it stains, its omg gross. So yeah, first month was fine (no idea why) but it slowly got worst. Proceed with caution!


At the same time, if you are curious about duromine (which has a much crazier side effect and meant for really obese people aka clinically certified), just google. SJ was pretty upset about my decision to start on Xenical, and he forbid me to even think about duromine because its a very intense medical procedure. 

But all in all, all the best and always remember that whilst its good to search for a better self physically, remember to think about health and love yourself.

Till then,

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