Wednesday, February 5

Taiwan Travelogue 101 - 花蓮


So sorry it took a while, but i finally decided to end this series of travelogue so here i am with my last (second) entry. Its gonna contain misc places which i went to over at Hualien and on the way to Taipei.


We stayed at Ocean Lover Homestay because Deborah introduced this place to me and it does looks good from the reviews which i saw online! Very nice and cosy place, but i am totally digging the decors around the place. The food wasn't really to me taste though, so yeahh.

DIY Jade Grinding

Very cool and refreshing to grind and mould your own jade! It's damn tedious and not easy though, because you gotta go through so many stages before you can actually get the final result. Im proud of myself :>

Cow farmhouse

Went to look at cows too for the kids benefit and they are all so cute! I was a little scared to go near them though cuz they look pretty intimidating since they are all so big, and they pee like this, like heck care the world all these LOL. 

But quite cool lah!

Zi Qiang Nightmarket

I tried the food from this stall and i think so-so only, event though got so many good reviews pasted on the store so i was quite disappointed. The milk tea also like so-so only, so i even sadder cuz i super like milk tea. Sian. 

Don't really recommend coming to this night market because its damn friggin small lol. Nothing to see and buy except for food all the way.

On the way to Taipei

So these are some of the places that we went to when we were on the way to Taipei! I will do another entry on Taipei and end things off with the names of all the hotels + prices + Driver's contact and prices for anyone who wanna visit Taiwan and all :)

Till then!

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