Wednesday, January 22

40 days challenge - 2:Talk about your first kiss.

2:Talk about your first kiss.

You know how first kiss are meant to be totally magical and nerve wrecking? Like how you know the moment is coming and you guys are gonna be kissing like how you see in the movies, and everything would be so great and slow and you feel like its only the two of you in the entire world.

Mine was pretty disastrous. Well, my first kiss was my first boyfriend's first kiss as well, so it probably was a really new experience to both of us. Before the kiss, we were looking at each other and i was thinking, this is probably it. God what am i supposed to do, and millions of thoughts ran through my mind. But it just so happened that we both moved in at the same time and we kissed. It was the typical "ohgosh this is it" kinda kiss, but because it was the first for both of us, i felt that my entire mouth was being swallowed during the kiss and our tongue was frozen in place so there was no tongue action. I was kinda shocked afterwards that i decided to avoid the entire kissing thing for a while. Things got better after a while and so on, but my first kiss was definitely not what i expected from movies.

But i'm cool with it because i was probably a bad kisser as well, and there's always the first.

First kiss was SJ was a very dramatic one. It is so drama and so movie-like that i still laugh at him till this date. We were lying on the bed facing each other and i could felt his breath on my nose. Our faces were really close to each other and before i could register the entire situation, he asked me very softly if i knew how close we are now. I was kinda dumbfounded and replied how close? & bang, that's our first kiss. 

It was a short and quick one, but the entire process was so dramatic that it caught me off guard. & yeah, i that was how we got together.

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